Five Tips To Visually Motivate Sales

A Dolma Tower Surrounded By Companion Red Peppers & Garlic-Visually Delicious & Compels SalesDriving sales with growth can be a common problem. Food retailers always need to sharpen their creativity and design engaging merchandising techniques and presentations to get results. Begin to influence improvement with strategic visual food presentations. There is always opportunity to do something different to impress customers. Follow these five simple methods and watch sales grow and customer interest increase.

Tip #1:Create a sign and start a conversation.

Teach a customer about your food, not just the price but actually write a story about an item or group of items. Include product background or history, local uses, seasonal options, plating, cooking, interesting growing or processing aspects, storage, personal favorites with family stories and more. Task service associates to learn, memorize and personalize. Print the material for customer “take away” reference. Include the story in all print material. Post on social media. Then watch interest grow by exceeding great service with pleasant, interesting lessons and conversations about your food!


Tip #2:Make familiar food items look new.

Image of Mozzarella balls

The fresh mozzarella balls infused and enrobed with a new spice or garnish for an updated flavor or use. Be sure to include colorful additions. Change the shape or size. Present in a different way…a new style of displayware, elevated or angled, move from right to left, but change is up. Provide recipes or photos of table top plating and garnish. Remember a sign to tell more information. Don’t forget the story.


Tip #3:Make familiar food items look new.

Hollowed, Filled Dry Salami or Taco Holders Are Visually Interesting & Compliment The Product

Present the food you are selling differently by introducing different plates, platters, boards, bowls and packaging. Even your product can be converted to displayware, as in the photo. Mix up the shapes. Add different elevations. Include colorful tools and vessels. Don’t forget different textures in materials. Fill gaps and spaces with complimentary décor. Design the elements to break shoppers away from their traditional pattern and lead them to an food experience and sales for you.


Tip #4:Divide food sections creatively and boldly.

Vertical or horizontal dividers can be large with great messages that can be seen and read from afar. Include smart story telling graphics. Go beyond rectangles and circles in shape. Add motion sensors into the piece to provide an audio message or music. Fonts and font colors can be mixed up for interest. Don’t forget to include website URL, phone numbers, QR codes, social media icons. Grouping like and companion products together is a bundle to a larger sale and add convenience for the shopper.

Tip #5:Help A Customer Out!

Tiered cakes for all occasions are more complicated when calculating servings. Educate your customers visually with easy to understand diagrams and pictures. Support their decorating vision and wished and catapult the bakery to bigger sales with larger gross profit returns.

These 5 tips are simple but powerful keys to visual customer engagement. Never forget happy, satisfied shoppers are fans who buy more, return and share their experiences with the world!

Image of Roxanne


Roxanne Johnson is Founder and President of RJ & Associates, a visual food merchandising company, providing visual food display solutions designed to innovate and attract for sales. For more information, contac us

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