Our belief is merchandising food is motivating a sale by design

We support the food industry. How? Through strategic visual food merchandising and staging for sales. We know realism and eye appeal sell product faster and for more. Our expertise realistically highlight features and benefits of clients products to enable their sales team do precisely that, sell faster and for more. Food display case and insert manufacturers come to us. Food packaging, food prep and display-ware companies use our services As well as processors, museums, television, movies, and education. Take a look at our galleries to see what we have accomplished. We have possibilities for you.

Visual Food Merchandising

Your Choice of Real Food, Replica Food Or Both

100% Full Service

In realistic full scale, we can motivate that level of interest, by merchandising and staging your product from cold steel and laminate to interesting, realistic and “on trend” food presentations.

Replica Food Display Kits

All in one, ready to set

We can create a custom, fully designed replica food display in a food category of choice. Our custom food kit will leave everyone relieved and excited for your next event.

Replica Food By RJ

Coolinary Reflections

We also sell stock or custom replica food products to kids museums, television and movies production, realtors for décor, educators, gift giving, and marketers.