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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our sales team handles our food displays, why use your service?

A: The assumption anyone can merchandise well or wants to merchandise well can be an expensive risk. The in-house team may excel at displays or maybe not so much.  We are highly experienced & dedicated to display design, highlighting your products features & benefits. Creating detailed planograms.  Precise quotes & cost are established.  Food display material is sourced & assembled to fulfil your specific needs.  Per the planogram, installation is rapid & simple. Thus enabling the sales teams to focus on the art of the deal without distractions.  Take a look at our merchandising images in the gallery.  You will be amazed!

Q: How do I get a quote?

A:Write or call us at XXX-XXXX.  There are some details about your display we need to create a quote.  Like display size, food type or category, self install kit or full service, real or replica food, delivery date and more

Q:Can I order material for one display?

A: Yes, we can start with one!

Q: Will you travel to our location to merchandise?

A: Yes, we go where ever your project is, for as long as needed.

Q: What is your lead time?

A:  The answer is dependent on the size and  choice of material for the project. Each is unique.  Conservatively, 1 week to 2 months to design and finalize for approval.  After approval one to 3 months to assemble and ship.

Q:Can you merchandise real food?

A: Yes, absolutely!  Fresh food can be a perfect option & readily available. Selection is wide.  We can source at retail or wholesale prices. It can be merchandised and sampled in it’s original form or transformed into something amazing.  Food preparation provides theatre, activity, smells & sounds. An experienced culinary staff with the right tools & equipment can make it outstanding.  Plus fresh food handle right can be donated to charity at the end.  But as you plan, fresh food comes with other considerations like perishability, refrigeration is required to maintain quality adding $$$, plus product quality can deteriorate, needing replacement adding more $$$.  Equipment & culinary talent come with additional $$$.  Fruit flies may be carried in on produce, which is an annoying problem.  Fresh food comes with more clean up time. If any food is mishandled, it must be thrown away equaling more $$$.

Q: I know replica food exists, what about merchandising with it?

A: Yes, certainly replica food is another option.  Quality selection in most categories is great.  It is visually realistic.  Fresh & delicious looking.  We can create or source what is needed.  Also, we assemble replica ingredients in culinary style, creating amazing food presentations. Follow the planogram, put products in place and merchandising is done. No refrigeration needed. No special equipment required. No food prep staff needed. Replica food is durable for years.  Re-useable immediately for the next event. Very transportable.  Washable.  Quick. Simple. Fast pack and ship at the end.  Zero waste.  Zero worries about food handling. Replica food considerations are purchase cost is in no way the equivalent to perishable.  Return on investment is in re-use, time and time again. Great replica food is not cheap, but cheap replica is a waste. Because of it’s fabulous visual uniformity, it can look unreal. Some pieces can be heavy.  Visit ReplicaFoodByRJ to view & learn more about replica food.

Q:How does your food merchandising kit work?

A: All very simple.  Replica food only!  You share the details of a specific case or cases, define the type of replica product you want displayed.  We create a detailed planogram with a quote.  When approved we assemble the display material of choice, package it or place in display-ware, include the planogram,  wrap & box for delivery to you.  You follow the planogram, place replica display material as directed and you are finished.

Q:Our newest case is a 12 foot dairy display. It needs consumer packaged goods. At the next show it won’t be operating cold. What can you do for us?

A: We have developed methods to fill new empty dairy containers to appear filled with milk, juice etc.  Other types of new, empty dairy products are sourced directly from a manufacturer.  A fee for services & products based on quantities & varieties apply.  Happy to put together a quote!

Q:I want to fill all of the cases in our showroom. They are empty now. We will need products in these categories, frozen, dairy, raw meat, seafood, smoked meat and bakery. Some service, some self service ! What do you have available?

A: We will source and assemble whatever you need on a case by case basis.  To start, we need all case specifications with category preferences per case.  Ex: 4 foot bakery, service, all cakes. Next we create set plans for each and a quote for approval.  Once approved we get started on the plan.

Q: Do you make fake decorated cakes, cupcakes, donuts etc?

A:  Absolutely, cakes can be custom created or order from our quarterly designs.  Visit to view cake & donut options

Q: Containers without labels don’t look right. Will you provide labels?

A: Yes, we can use your design or create designs for you.

Q: Empty clear consumer goods packaging do not look good. I don’t like using them, what do you have to fix this?

A: We have developed methods to fill new empty clear containers to appear filled with milk, juice etc.

Q: Grocerant is the newest! We need to merchandise Grocerant style, but don’t have a clue. Please talk to me.

A: Grocerant formats are hybrids of full menu, full view restaurant prep with deli style service.  Can be upscale or simple.  But the essence is fresh food, freshly made, service or grab n go.  Merchandising recreates food preparation and complete meal options, both hot & cold, real, replica or a combination of both!

Q: What do I pay to get started?

A: Payment of 50% to confirm the plan and start production.  Balance for self service kits billed upon shipping.  Payment for all material,  full service billed upon our installation. Final payment due in 30 days.

Q: Why is replica food so expensive?

A: The process!  Each item is developed by using a real, perishable item.  All pieces are hand & individually made.  Labor, every piece has a cure time, trim time, paint & dry time of at least once.  The process results in a visually realistic, re-useable, durable products with the feel & weight of real food.

Q:I already have replica food, I don’t know how to use it. Can you help?

A:  Yes, we can help in two ways.  One, email, Dropbox or WeTransfer us a detailed list with photos of your inventory.  We can asses how to proceed.  Or we can come to your location, inspect, sort & inventory. Recommendations with a plan will be created for both.  A fee plus expenses apply.

Q: We want to use case dividers and inserts. Are you able to work with them?

A: Sure, We  work with both all the time.  All we need are the manufacturers drawing for specifications to design the product plan.

Q: Is display-ware included?

A: If you do not have display-ware, we are happy to source, make the best selection and include the value in the budget.  We can also use your display-ware, but we will need a photo with length, width, depth to plan the real or replica food.

Q: I don’t have any one to help me merchandise our showroom. Is there an option that is simple, easy, fast and attractive?

A: Our All In One Food Display Kit would work.  We do all the work of designing, planogramming, sourcing, assembling, packaging and filling display-ware, then pack and ship to you.  All you need to do is follow the planogram and position the product. You are done!