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Realism is RJ & Associates with Replica Food by RJ’s claim and promise.
Fresh food is the natural choice to merchandise for short-term needs, but replica food is a very favorable option for long term presentations or times when fresh skills or knowledge is limited.
Replica food is realistic, re-usable and durable.
Practical uses are endless.
It saves money by eliminating or reducing spending for perishable products.
Replica food also stops or cuts waste.
Plus easy and efficient to work with while reducing labor.
Realistic, quality replica food isn’t cheap and expectations of cheap replica is a cost disappointment.
So we decided to learn how to create our own resulting in our services and products coming together as one.
Today our high standard of realism and durability in replica food are available to everyone.

Time to shop for your replica food ingredients!

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Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Fake Chickens

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