About Us

Our belief is merchandising food is motivating a sale by design

We are a B2B visual food merchandising company servicing clients across the globe. As you navigate, you will find many images of our visual food presentations. We promise you will be amazed! Enjoy the visual food feast! Our experience and devotion to the food industry include all areas of fresh retail food, grocery, food service and culinary excellence. We love everything about food, but our expertise is merchandising food for sales ROI and profit. We can’t get enough of it!

We believe merchandising food is motivating a sale by design. Especially by focusing on the five senses. Luring with sight, enticing with tasting, smelling, touching and creating an entire memorable food experience with plenty of sound and activity.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is Forever Ready to Deliver

Our merchandising projects have one critical dimension…..sight, the visual. The essence of that dimension is about visualizing and communicating. RJ & Associates designers intuitively embrace “it is wrong before it is right” and strive to mirror, arrange, create and set up materials to make it work & come together. Forever ready to deliver kick butt presentations to sell billions of our clients products!


Turns creative visions into breathtaking reality. Navigates all the terrain, with charm & elegance.


Having a ridiculous amount of fun! The designer changeling, always plowing forward & focused on the horizon.


Visionary! Great at taking concepts & creating a foundation, then turning them into something amazing. Operates with a smile & laugh


The artistic wizard with infinite talents. Delivering tranquility to frenzy & mayhem. Our beacon in sunlight & moonlight.


Forward thinking, forever in quest of smart stuff. Compelled to create timely solutions.


Roxanne, Guided by a natural infatuation for all things food. A lioness with a heart & a brain. Attracted to ingenuity, realism, relevance & great work.

Strategic Partner


I met Bill Pizzico, president, and CEO of the Synergy Group 25 years ago and look forward to another 25 years of experiencing his vast food industry wisdom, influence, and vision. It has been gratifying to collaborate with Bill as a consulting strategic partner. I am dedicated to supporting Bill Pizzico as a Synergy Group food industry professional and dear friend.