B2B Visual Food Merchandising

The Heartbeat of Selling


RJ & Associates designs and merchandises with the sole purpose of lifting your products appearance to the highest level of realism and application. We are a full-service resource who knows how to powerfully design visual merchandising as an ignition switch towards perpetual growth.
We know merchandising is a catalyst to sales by design.
We lure with sight, entice with tasting, stimulate with aromas and more.
Our services are laser pointers focused beyond today to tomorrow.
No one else does what we do!

Lights the way to buyer traffic and interest
Hones your competitive edge in presentation
Saves money in materials and time
Spotlights your solutions for customers
Marquees you as an innovator in real time and beyond
Fast Tracks and lightens the load with expertise.

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Welcome to RJ & Associates

We are a B2B visual food merchandising company servicing clients across the globe. As you navigate, you will find many images of what we do. We promise you will be amazed by the scale, range, use of real or fake food and the beauty. Enjoy the visual food fest!

Our Commitment

Research shows well merchandised & staged products sell quicker, faster and for more. Our mission is to do exactly that and exceed merchandising expectations in a full-size way.

Our Belief

Merchandising food is motivating a sale by design. Especially by focusing on the five senses. Luring with sight, enticing with tasting, smelling, touching and creating an entire memorable food experience with plenty of sound and activity.

Our Experience

RJ & Associates experience and devotion to the food industry includes all areas of fresh retail food, grocery, food service and catering with culinary excellence. We love everything about food, but our expertise is merchandising for sales, driving traffic, branding, return on investment and true profit. We can’t get enough of it!

Visual Food Merchandising

RJ & Associates with Replica Food By RJ know food and how to merchandise it like no one else can. You can rely on us to get your project done right. We want to be your visual food merchandisers and replica food source.

Visual Merchandising, The Heartbeat of Sales

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