Cell Phones Distracting Customers While Shopping?

Want to make some changes? There is a way.

Studies confirm multi-sensory merchandising breaks through a shopper’s distractions and preoccupations by getting their attention.Multi-sensory merchandising influences buying behavior by motivating them to spend!

Let’s start with understanding the principle of “sensory bundling”. People make purchases based on “how they feel”. Shoppers who experience more sensory seafood inspiration and temptation in a single event feel joy and embrace the memory. Causing relaxation. Resulting in less discipline when spending. Thus, they buy more delicious food. Then they buy side dishes and companion sauces, dips, spices, tools and gadgets!

Create some good sound…Noise!

Think of sound as a “touchpoint”, like a handshake or hug. A sound gets attention. When something is working or running it generates a sound. A specific sound signifies a brand. Sound can provoke a memory or create a bond, an attachement.

Start by adding a sound specific to seafood in the entire selling area or specific locations- the horn of a boat, the sound of waves crashing or seagulls. The sound can be activated by switches, timers or movement. Install at a door opening, on a scale, within a self service display or on a service case. Select music, your music, unique to your brand. Play it quietly in the background or sing it loud, everywhere. Draw attention to a specific display or product by ringing a bell or make an announcement. Move noisy operations forward to be heard and noticed. Position a monitor at a location to educate and entertain while your song is playing.

Create a bond with touch

Humans touch to judge food quality and freshness. Shoppers will pay MORE for an item if they touch and hold it first. Holding creates a bond of ownership. Shoppers viewing associates holding product while stocking or arranging gives the impression of new or fresher.

Encourage handshakes! A handshake or pat on the back, has a meaning of importance and recognition.
Touching packaged products should be easy, make items accessable.

Create curiosity by how a product is packaged or labeled to generate interest and holding.
Keep the loading, arranging and freshening activities going.

Be playful, embrace a customers curiosity by putting a product in their hand.

Consider a “touching tank”. Pick your own works.


Boost sales and great memories with aroma

Smell is the most powerful sense a human possesses. Scent is unique and responsible for taste. The nose can smell directionally. Smell is closely linked to memory. When humans are exposed to a “good scent” their mood improves. Good smells gets the saliva glands working, translating to sales.

Fill the air with positive odors of freshness. Start cooking. Grill, fry or steam using exotic herbs and spices. Sample the seafood to enhance the fusion of taste. Display and sell fresh aromatic herbs, fruits vegetables. Place them at a level and location to emanate aroma. Position the cooking activity near a product of importance, then direct shopper’s noses by the scent. Beware of bad odors that will work as a huge disadvantage.

Supercharge a food experience with tastings

Taste is a fusion of a food’s flavor, smell and touch. Everyone’s taste is different and changes as you age. Taste is social and a part of events. We acquire different tastes
as we travel, move and are exposed to other cultures. Upbringing and tradition influence taste. Keep cooking to let shoppers taste your seafood. Educate with recipes, classes and “live tastings”, to experience the flavor. Learn about emerging cultures seafood, seafood dishes and ceremonies.
Cook those dishes, sample plus stock the needed ingredients. Feature “This is my favorite” from a local celebrity, expert and staff to encourage tasting a new product. Hold “tasting events” with a theme.

Give “take away” samples.

Design visual interest and curiosity

Eighty five percent of a human’s information is received visually. Effective visual FOOD displays entice, engage and motivate shoppers to make a purchase. Provocative food presentations fuse the other senses into a memorable experience. Slow the shopper down by the food they see all around them. Use color to catch the eye and focus attention. Include a focal point. Vary the heights and angles. Contrast food textures and shapes. Telling a products story with signs. Garnish as a finishing touch to compliment.

Getting a shoppers attention and influencing sales is important.

One more time, multi-sensory food merchandising influences buying behavior by motivating shoppers to buy!

Use this information and tips to plan bundling activities that stimulate all 5 senses simultaneously.

Start Now! Amplify your shopper’s sensory experience!

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Roxanne Johnson is Founder and President of RJ and Associates, a visual food merchandising company, providing visual food display solutions designed to innovate and attract for sales. For more information, contact us

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